Hawkeye Depthtrax 1H Handheld Depth Finder

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Ultralight hand held DepthTrax™ 1H with Intelligent Sonar lets you aim wherever you want to see, like an underwater flashlight. The magnetic switch gives real time depth readings on a high visibility LCD display, also can read current water or air temperature. Algorithmic programming virtually eliminates false readings.
The Impact resistant, floating housing w/Wrist strap is waterproof to 150', and can be used as a range finder while snorkeling and diving.
Uses 9V alkaline battery.

  • Operating Temp: -10 - 160°F
  • Depth Range: 2' to 240' 
  • Integrated transducer reads to 300
  • Frequency: 200kHz
  • Beam Angle: 20° 
  • 2 Year Warranty