Trac Autodeploy Anchor Wench

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Anchor Winches feature Touch and Release TRAC AutoDeploy. With the touch of a button (press and release), the anchor is powered down smoothly and quietly, while you go about your boating activity. When the anchor reaches bottom, the winch will transition from steady power-deploy and begin releasing rope just a few feet at a time, until the there is enough rope out, then the winch will 'lock· holding the boat position. You can always let more rope out by powering the rope In or out. Or, press the AutoDeploy button again if the anchor drags due to changing conditions, such as wind or current.

  • Great for fishing to allow a ·controlled" drift
  • 3 button operation - Up/Down/Auto Deploy
  • Wireless Remote Control included
  • Attached or separated davit
Trac Autodeploy Anchor Wench
Trac Autodeploy Anchor Wench