WOW Zig Zag Slalom

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The Zig Zag put you in control of you ride WOW had developed a new, patented. Flex-Wing system that allows the rider to easily steer back and forth over the wake, turn on a dime, jump the wake, and even do barrel rolls while the boat driver simply goes straight! No fragile fins or fancy tow point is necessary to fly from way outside one wake to way outside one wake to way outside the other. The wings act as a rudder the drives into the water to steer you in the direction you want to go. Simply jump from one wing to the other. The rider can lay, sit, kneel, stand, and do barrel rolls. It can be used as a regular towable as well.

  • 100% heavy duty PVC construction 
  • Double webbing foam handles with knuckle guards
  • EVA foam pads
  • Speed valve for fast inflation and deflation 
  • 60" x 54"