Yamaha Yamalube 4M FC-W for Four Stroke Outboards Southern Blend

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In order for an oil to be approved by the NMMA to hold its highest rating for marine engine oils, FC-W (Four Cycle – Water cooled) it must pass a multitude of tests. Passenger car oils don’t pass these tests, which is why it’s important to use NMMA-Certified Yamalube 4M FC-W. Automotive oils do not usually run at 6000 rpm. Yamaha Outboard engines were designed to run at full throttle (5500 to 6000 rpm) all day long. At this speed it is critical that engine oil not foam. Foaming reduces lubricity which can lead to wear and over time this can lead to failure. Yamalube 4M FC-W has the best blend of anti-foam technology available.