Yamaha Steering Link Arm Kits

These Steering Link Arm Kits will connect the Yamaha Outboard to the boat's steering system. Some Yamaha Outboards will come with a Steering Link Arm kit in the crate.

To reach the correct steering link for your outboard, select the Part Number below that matches the outboard that you have.

Please note that you may also need a steering hook that will be mounted on the front of your Yamaha Outboard.  If you need one of these also, please follow this link - Steering Hooks Link

 2-Stroke Model Steering Guide Kit
9.9, 15 63V-61350-00-00
25/30 689-61350-02-00
40/50 (~1995) 689-61350-02-00
40/50 (1996~) 63D-61350-00-00
60~90 688-61350-10-00
115~300 6E5-61350-02-00
4-Stroke Model Steering Guide Kit
F8 (~04/2006) 68T-61350-00-00
T8 68T-61350-00-00
F9.9 (~04/2005) 6G8-61350-00-00
F9.9 (2) 63V-61350-00-00
F9.9F 68T-61350-10-00
T9.9 (~04/2005) 6G8-61350-00-00
T9.9(2) 63V-61350-00-00
T9.9G 68T-61350-10-00
F15 63V-61350-00-00
F15C, F20 6AH-61350-00-00
F25 (~04/2005) 65W-61350-00-00
F25A/T25A 6BG-61350-00-00
T25 (~04/2006) 65W-61350-00-00
F30 65W-61350-00-00
F40 (1999) 63D-61350-00-00
F40 (2000~) 65W-61350-00-00
F40A 6BG-61350-00-00
F50/T50 (1996~2004) 63D-61350-00-00
F50/T50 (2005~) 65W-61350-00-00
F60/T60 65W-61350-00-00
F70 65W-61350-00-00
F75 ~ F100 67F-61350-00-00
F115B (2014~) 6EK-61350-00-00
F115~F300 (V6) 6E5-61350-02-00