Yamaha Thermostat Gasket Parts Chart

These are the Primary gaskets that are required to seal the Thermostat housing to the engine block / head.  
If you need the Thermostat also, please follow this link to the Thermostat Parts Chart
Part Number
F2.5 (03~)
F4 (99~) 67D-12414-A0-00
F4A, F6A 67D-12414-A0-00
F6, F8, T8, F9.9, FT9.9, T9.9 6G8-12414-A0-00
9.9, 15 682-12414-A1-00
F9.9-2, T9.9-2 62Y-12414-00-00
F15, F25, T25, F30 62Y-12414-00-00
F15C, F20 6AH-12414-00-00
20 61A-12414-A0-00
25, 30, 40 61A-12414-A0-00
C25, CV25, C30, CV30 655-12414-A1-00
C40, CV40 (~97) 6E9-12414-A1-00
C40, C50 (98~) 61A-12414-A0-00
P40 61A-12414-A0-00
F40, F50, T50, F60, T60, F70 62Y-12414-00-00
C55, E48 663-12414-A0-00
C75, E75, P75, C80, C80 688-12414-A1-00
C85, CV85, C90 688-12414-A1-00
90, B90, B115 688-12414-A1-00
115, 130, 150, 175, 200 688-12414-A1-00
P115, P150, PX150, P175, P200 688-12414-A1-00
S115, S130, S150, S175, S200 688-12414-A1-00
D150, DX150 688-12414-A1-00
F150 63P-12414-00-00
SX150, SX200, V150, VX150, V175 688-12414-A1-00
ProV150 688-12414-A1-00
VZ150, VZ175, VZ200 (2.6L) 688-12414-A1-00
Z150, Z175, Z200 (2.6L) 688-12414-A1-00
V200, V225 61A-12414-A0-00
VX200, VX225, VX250 61A-12414-A0-00
VZ200, VZ225, VZ250, VZ300 (3.3L) 60V-12414-A0-00
Z250, Z300 60V-12414-A0-00
225 (2.6L) 688-12414-A1-00
225, 250, S225, S250, SX225, SX250 61A-12414-A0-00