Yamaha Paint Codes

Color Name Paint Code Use
Dark Bluish Gray 1 8D Most models exterior parts 1994 to current
Dark Bluish Gray Metallic 2 4D Most models internal parts 1994 to current
Metallic Marine Silver EK Most models 1984 through 1993
Shiny Black NA ProV, V MAX® (HPDI®) & V MAX SHO® top cowlings and lower units from 1991 to current
Marine Dark Silver NG ProV top cowlings and lower units 1986 - 1990
Metallic Marine Blue EJ C and CV models 1989 - 1993
Harbor White EL L and X Shaft High Thrust Four Stroke 9.9 models 1985 - 1993 and on all Aluminum Props
Low Gloss Black 98 Painted Stainless Steel Propellers
Dark Gray Solid 9S Under cowling parts, phased in starting late 2006 ~ current
Dark Bluish Gray Solid 9 1S Under cowling parts in 2000 & phased out by 03/2008